Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

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What kind of an organisation are we? Jasper Global Corporation trades through its primary brands of Jasper International Academy and Jasper International Consulting.

Jasper International Academy are Human Capital Performance Specialists and we provide consultancy services in this area through Jasper International Consulting.

Jasper are not a Certifying College, University or Awarding Body! We are an Academy providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in specific specialist areas and then certify those courses we provide. We use the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) in order to validate our content and level for adoption and verification by academic or professional organisations.

This is a credit accumulation and transfer scheme (CATS).

We have Specialism’s, Experience and Specialists not Faculties, Research and Lecturers.

Jasper International Academy, Centre for Investment Securities and Economic Development operates globally and is one of the most widely respected professional organisations for those who work in the Banking Securities and Investment industry.

What is Investment Securities

The Banking System

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Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

Jasper International Academy’s specialists for the Investment & Securities sector are dynamic and skilled financial experts, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the financial markets throughout the World.

Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

Jasper International Academy Centre for Investment Securities and Economic Development

We provide a range of services including sector specific qualifications and independent courses covering a whole range of subjects, ranging from Asset Management to Mergers and Acquisitions. You can explore our full range of courses and qualifications by clicking on the menu links at the top of the page.

Financial services:

  • are fundamental to every economic activity in the world
  • help create jobs
  • lend and invest in community development projects
  • help businesses grow, and
  • provide consumer credit

The financial services sector is a significant contributor to international income and employment, with many millions directly employed in the financial services sector and several millions more in sector related services.

Financial services help with the making, investment and management of money for both people and organisations; for example, trading shares in the stock market or helping people save money for a rainy day.

Investment securities are marketable securities held by a bank in its portfolio of balance sheet assets. Investment securities, along with bank loans, are the principal source of bank earnings and generally serve two key functions – as a source of bank liquidity or funding to meet loan demand or customers’ needs for cash and as an additional source of earnings from the capital gains realized when portfolio securities are sold.

Commercial banks engage in the following activities:

  • Processing payments via telegraphic transfer, EFTPOS, internet banking, or other
  • Issuing bank drafts and bank cheques
  • Accepting money on term deposit
  • Lending money by overdraft, installment loan, or other
  • Providing documentary and steady guarantees, performance bonds, securities underwriting commitments and other forms of off-balance sheet exposure
  • Cash management and treasury, and
  • Merchant banking and private equity financing

Traditionally, large commercial banks also underwrite bonds, and make markets in currency, interest rates, and credit-related securities, but today large commercial banks usually have an investment bank arm that is involved in the aforementioned activities.

However, the banking crisis has affected banking activity. These banking crises include bank runs, which affect single banks; banking panics, which affect many banks; and systemic banking crises, in which a country experiences a large number of defaults, and financial institutions and corporations face great difficulties repaying contracts.  A banking crisis is marked by bank runs that lead to the demise of financial institutions, or by the demise of a financial institution that starts a string of similar demises.

On top of this, the credit crunch means there is a reduction in the general availability of loans/credit or there is a sudden tightening of the conditions required to obtain a loan from the banks. A credit crunch generally involves a reduction in the availability of credit independent of a rise in official interest rates. In such situations, the relationship between credit availability and interest rates has implicitly changed, such that either credit becomes less available at any given official interest rate, or there ceases to be a clear relationship between interest rates and credit availability (i.e. credit rationing occurs). Often, a credit crunch is accompanied by a flight to quality by lenders and investors, as they seek less risky investments (often at the expense of small to medium size enterprises).

Organisations other than banks also deal with money. Trust funds and stockbrokers may buy and sell commodities like coffee or oil. They aim to buy at a low price and sell at a higher one, much like a coffee shop, except they don’t keep the product in a warehouse.

Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

The securities market is a component of the wider financial market where securities can be bought and sold between subjects of the economy, on the basis of demand and supply. Securities markets encompasses equity markets, bond markets and derivatives markets where prices can be determined.


Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

Jasper International Academy – An Academy for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development

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Centre for Investment Securities Banking and Economic Development Skills

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